Parents should become familiar with the club rules and relevant policies, regarding membership, fee’s, re-enrolment, and procedure for regular classes.


Membership is open to all.

Annual British Gymnastics membership and insurance is required for all gymnasts from school age upwards.

Renewal of membership is due by 1st October and is non refundable nor transferable.


Fees are paid in advance for each term and are non refundable. There are 3 terms per year

September – December’s, January – April, April – July.

Please inform us if your child no longer requires their place before the beginning of term.

Gymnast / Parent Rules:

Below is a summary for quick reference. For more information, policies and our Codes of Practice, please click on the links at the bottom of this page.

Our Rules are in place for the safety and happiness of the gymnasts, as well as the smooth running of all classes (which of course benefits the children as well) …


This is a summary only:
Gymnasts should:

* Follow their coaches instructions and only do the things they are asked to

* Arrive for class dressed according to the Appropriate dress and jewellery rules

* Arrive on time and not leave until dismissed by the coach

* Be kind and respectful to others

* Ensure mobile phones are to be switched off or turned to silent during class

Parents Please:

* Arrive on time and wait with your child unless your class is called in.

* Ensure your child is dressed appropriately

* Do not bring a child who is sick.

* Drop off and collect your child directly from the hall

* Ensure your contact details and other information we hold is up to date. (inform us of any changes)

* Parents are NOT allowed in the gym during training or classes unless invited or in the event of an emergency (or parent & toddler sessions) No unauthorised personnel will be allowed in the training area.

* Do not take any photographs from the sports hall entrance. Parent’s / individuals wishing to take film/ take photos of their child during gymnastics training must request permission from the coach in charge of class.

* Enrol your child at the appropriate time and not wait until the start of each term.

Gymnasts and parents alike should avoid intimidating or offensive behaviour. Gymnast and parents should avoid disparagement of the knowledge, abilities or performance of others. Accepted methods of raising concerns must be used where deemed necessary.
Permitted Attire:

Our dress code reflects the British Gymnastics Association policy on appropriate dress for gymnastics activity. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children are appropriately dressed for class. This includes the removal of jewellery and the securing of hair. Coaches have the right to refuse to allow children to participate on grounds of reasonable safety if they attend inappropriately dressed.



Non permitted Attire:

No zips or buttons or other protrusions/dangly bits

No over sized sweatshirts/trousers, oversized T-shirts, skirts.

No hooded sweatshirts / tops except during warm up

The British Gymnastics Code of Dress Policy which includes information on exemption can be found in the [Policies] section of this website and select [Health and Safety].

Other considerations

Footwear: Gymnastics is usually performed in bare feet.
Some specialised footwear can be worn for some disciplines at competitive level. Socks may be worn for work on beams (learning spins etc)

Hair: Hair must be tied back or secured completely off the face. Long hair must be secured in a ponytail(s) or plaited. Soft hair ties only, and flat hair clips. No hard protruding decorations.

Jewellery: The wearing of any jewellery whatsoever is strictly prohibited for gymnastics activities. This includes earrings and any other piercings which must be removed for gymnastics class.
The British Gymnastics Policy on Jewellery can be found in the [Policies] section of this website and select [Health and Safety].

PLEASE NOTE: Participation Insurance is invalid if the rules on dress and jewellery are contravened.

Specific Circumstances: To ensure that our activities are accessible to all, if there is a cultural or religious reason for the wearing of specific attire that contravenes our dress code, please speak directly to your head coach (Justine) who will guide you through the exceptions process.



Coaches reserve the right to refuse admittance to children arriving late on grounds of reasonably safety. The first few minutes of each class are spent on activities which warms the children up. This is followed by loosening and stretching ready for gymnastics.

PLEASE NOTE: Allowing a child to participate without having a suitable warm up contravenes British Gymnastics Policy and therefore renders the clubs and the individual’s insurance invalid.
Where possible we will allow a late gymnast to join in if an individual warm up & stretch can be done prior to using main apparatus. If you are running very late, we strongly advise you come in with your child to ensure he/she can participate, rather than just dropping him/her off.
Although it may be distressing for your child to miss class when things go wrong, it is more distressing to be dropped off and not be able to participate.


Toilet Trips:

Under 8’s will be accompanied to the toilet and over 8’s are permitted to go alone. The toilet is through the double doors from the sports hall and into the boys/ girls changing rooms. Please try to get gymnasts to visit the toilet before class. We prefer that gymnasts do not leave the hall and particularly during the first half hour of the class. Generally, gymnasts will not be allowed to leave the hall during warm up unless the need is urgent. It would be helpful if parents could help support us in this in anyway possible.

(We do understand that with the younger children, accidents will happen and we have a policy of not making an issue of it when it does)