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Your Questions Answered
How is J Star Gymnastics different from other local programs?

At J Star gymnastics, not only do our qualified staff have decades of experience in teaching children ages 8 weeks to adult EVERY student is important and special to us. We are committed to helping every student achieve his/her personal goals and help him/her to be their very best in a caring, supportive and positive environment.

Why are your classes divided by ages?

Years of study and research has shown that children develop differently, but there are certain milestones that are specific to each year of growth and development. J Star Gymnastics prides itself on providing a developmentally specific program based on the ages of our participants. Attempts to “fast track” preschoolers have negative implications to your child, the other members of the class and the instructors. Our goal is to provide an environment that is fun, supportive, and most importantly, encourages a love of learning.

What should my child wear?

Clothes should be worn that are appropriate to exercise in. Shorts or leggings and t-shirt can be worn or a leotard if your child has one, in any colour. Our club colours are red, white and black. A club leotard will be available shortly. No loose fitting clothes, hoodies, clothing with belts or anything which could cause a child to get caught up should be worn.  Children are expected to take part bare foot.  Long hair should be tied up and earrings should be removed or covered.  Please also bring a bottle of water.

(NB: If your child has verrucas, please wear socks until treated)

What if I miss a class?

It is always best to attend your regularly scheduled class. Just like most clubs, your termly fee’s pay for a class spot, regardless of attendance. Unfortunately as we adhere to strict ratio’s, we are unable to offer make up classes. 

What do we do when we arrive?

On arrival your child will be asked to come and sit on the mats with the other children in the group.  Once the register has been taken the session will begin.

Please note – we have no toilet in the sports hall, so children will be taken down the corridor to use the toilet during the session. This takes the gymnast and our assistant coach out of the session for several minutes so to avoid this happening we would appreciate it if you could encourage your child to use the toilet before the session starts!

How do the session’s work?

Sessions involve a warm up, stretching, then gymnastic activity.

We do not allow parents to stay, except for during the first introductory session.  This is recommended by British Gymnastics for safeguarding purposes, plus we have found that children are often distracted by people watching.  If your child has any particular concerns please speak with the Coach.

Where do I collect my child?

The children will wait by the sports hall door (where they were dropped off) and then be handed over to a parent/carer.  All children must be collected by a known adult. No child will be left unattended; if you do not arrive within 15 minutes of the end of the session we will try to contact you on the details provided.

Can I drop my child off for class?

Parents must stay with their children for both Fun4Baby classes and preschool classes. For recreational classes where children are aged between 4 & 16, parents may leave the premises and be at the appropriate pick up area when the class ends return for the end of the class. The coaches at J Star Gymnastics make a concerted effort to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. We are not equipped to supervise children before or after classes. Thank you to help facilitate the safety of all children in our care.

How much are the classes?

Please see the prices section of this website. Term fees are paid at the beginning of each term.

Membership/ Insurance is also required for each gymnast (aged 4+) from the British Gymnastics Association.  We arrange this on your behalf. This is payable in September, currently £17.00 per year.  (If you start from June onwards you will only pay £11 for part year insurance).


If you start part way through the term fees will be payable from your first session to the end of that term.

How do I pay?

You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Please use your child’s full name as a reference.

What is the Annual Membership for?

This membership is compulsory and includes membership to the British Gymnastics Association (BGA) which encompasses insurance and therefore is essential for participation in gymnastics at any BGA registered club.  In order to adhere to the policies set out by the BGA, new members need to be registered with the association within 3 weeks of commencing participation.  The fee is then due annually at the beginning of each Autumn (September) term.  At this time parents are also asked to complete and sign a new registration form to ensure all our records are kept up to date.

Will you notify me to confirm my class choice?

If your new to the club then yes, you will receive confirmation. If your re-enrolling our practice is to phone or e-mail only the few who do not receive their first class choice.

“No news is good news.”

Is there plenty of free parking available?

Nicholson Centre: There is a car park available next to the building or customers can park along the front of the building on the curb, alternatively Little flyers nursery have a car park which we can use just round the back. All parking is free of charge.


Avon Valley School: Parking is available in front of the school or there is a car park round the back which can be accessed via The Ham. Continue along Bulford road , past School Road and Past the Plough then on the corner on your right there will be a road called The Ham, if you turn in here continue along then turn right again, you will access the back car park.


When your child starts gym we ask you to complete an enrolment form with full contact details and to give consent for photographs.

Child Protection

If you have any queries/problems regarding child protection the club Welfare Officer is Nicky, our coach.  Please ask if you require her contact details.


If you have a complaint, please speak to Head Coach Justine. Alternatively you can email/ message, direct or through our website or face book page. If you feel you have not had your complaint dealt with appropriately you can contact the British Gymnastics Association.  Please ask for a copy of our complaints policy.


Our coaches are always at least Level 1 British Gymnastics qualified.

We also have an assistant coach, this is generally someone who has experience and enthusiasm in the sport, and may be training towards their level 1 in British Gymnastics Coaching.

All coaches, volunteers and anyone in contact with the children will have a CRB check completed via the British Gymnastics Association.


We prefer to email but if you do not have an email address then we can give you a ring with information if necessary. We have a website and a Face book page where you can find dates and other important.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.